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“Upside-Down”, Viktor and Rolf Spring 2006

Rejecting the traditional progression of a fashion show, Viktor and Rolf’s Spring 2006 show was based on the idea of things being upside-down and backwards. The catwalk was on the ceiling, the logo at the head of the runway was flipped, as were the flowers beside it, and the soundtrack was sped up before it fell out of tune and became disjointed noise. The designers took their final bow at the beginning of the show, followed by the models taking the finale walk. The show began with the gowns presented first and ended with casual separates. Even the clothing was presented in a topsy-turvy manner - skirts were worn as shirts, tuxedo jackets were worn as pants, the gowns were flipped from head to toe, and the openings on the clothing were slightly off-kilter.

“Fashion is running out of time. We are going too fast. Originality and patience is the only way to go forward.”